Chick-fil-A Salad Menu with Prices in USA

Are you seeking the best salads at Chick-fil-A menu in USA? Chick-fil-A Salad Menu is the most popular items throughout the United States of America. Most importantly, these salads are one of the most expensive items at Chick-fil-A. These salads include market salad, spicy southwest salad, and cobb salad. You have to pay almost $12 as an extra amount for each salad. In this blog post, we will discuss the salad menu and prices in the USA.

Chick-fil-A Salad Menu with Prices

  • cobb Salad

    Cobb Salad

    $ 10.99/ 10.99/ 8.29 / Cal: 830

  • Chick Fil A Spicy Southwest Salad

    Spicy Southwest Salad

    $ 11.19/ 11.19/ 8.49 / Cal: 680

  • Chick Fil A Market Salad

    Market Salad

    $ 11.19/ 11.19/ 8.49 / Cal: 550

Nutritional Report of Chick-fil-A Salads

If you are looking for a healthy Chick-fil-A salad, just go through its nutritious content first. In this regard, you can get help from the table we provided below. 

ItemCalories (g)Protein (g)Fat (g)Carbs (g)
Cobb Salad 830426031
Spicy Southwest Salad 680334927
Market Salad 550283142

Why are Chick-fil-A Salad Menu so popular?

Chick-fil-A salads are special due to their fresh and healthy ingredients. These salads are used to go with a meal. Salads are always incredible; however, Chick-fil-A provides its customers with a variety of salads. These include cobb salad, spicy southwest salad, and market salad. 

How to Choose the Best Chick-fil-A Salad?

It is not difficult at all to choose the right Chick-fil-A salad. You just need to follow the instructions in this regard. 

  • Give priority to your mood. 
  • Choose a specific salad that meets your nutritional criteria. 
  • Choose a particular salad you can afford easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get salad as a compliment at Chick-fil-A?

You have to pay an extra amount after enjoying your favorite salad at Chick-fil-A. 

What are the ingredients used in Chick-fil-A’s Salad?

Chick-fil-A’s salads contain healthy ingredients such as cheese, grilled chicken slices, and blueberries. 

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